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Our Activate Your Career service is designed to guide and support U.S. college graduates like you as you identify a meaningful career that fits with your personality, interests, goals, and objectives. Traditional advice and cookie-cutter methods barely scratch the surface, most often send you down the wrong paths, and generally do not result in you finding your dream career. Getting hired for the right position requires a significant shift in your mindset and actions. ArcVida will guide you through this.

Are you ready to find and land a professional job – anywhere in the U.S., that is a great fit for you? We invite you to complete the Discovery Phase of our services for the deeply discounted price of $10.

What you’ll get for your $10 investment

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When you register for the trial, you will have access to the entire Discovery phase of our service – including private client work, social network peer support, daily answers to your specific questions, and weekly live coaching.

Our Discovery phase is the foundation of our entire program. The activities in the Discovery phase allow you to tune out what everyone else has told you about careers and discover what is important to you. You will deepen your understanding of:

  • Tasks and projects that are so engaging you lose all sense of time
  • How you approach your work and interact with others
  • Those skills and abilities that make you stand out from the crowd
  • Your decision-making style and the impact it has had on your life to date

Discovery generally takes our clients 10-12 hours over 2-3 weeks. It is valuable work that will provide you with the clarity and direction you need to begin accurately assessing which careers will be a good fit for you. Once you complete the Discovery phase, you’ll better understand how ArcVida can make the difference between finding “just a job” and a job you love.

What comes after Discovery?

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If you choose to continue working with us following the Discovery phase, you will be invited to join our full program and complete the 6 additional phases that will result in you landing your perfect job. Below is an overview of the full service.

If you choose to continue, after your trial, you will get everything above in addition to the personalized guidance and support. As a full client, you will continue to receive personalized guidance and support UNTIL you are hired. We will be by your side the entire way.

Join the trial today and let’s get started on your professional journey together.

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