Sounds good, but I have questions

We guide people who are looking for great, full-time, professional jobs anywhere in the United States.
Our headquarters are in Southern California, so we’ve served many people who live in California. We have professional mentors in the South, East Coast, and West Coast. Our clients have lived in many cities, and landed jobs all over the country. Because your live weekly coaching and 1:1 mentoring or guidance sessions are always held via online video meeting, you can live anywhere while you search for your next job. And, our service also works well if you are searching for a job in a different city or state.

Yes, we work with you to identify, find, and land the right role as efficiently as possible. Sometimes that is as fast as 6 weeks; sometimes it takes longer. When a client starts the right role before their program ends, we ask them to continue the work on clarifying career direction; building, extending, and strengthening their professional network; and starting their new role in a position of strength, while continuing to meet weekly with their group through the program duration.

If you don’t make your career transition during your program length (10, 12 or 14 weeks), we want you to stay with us – joining an ongoing support cohort to meet biweekly and continue getting the support and guidance you need. Each group starts with a 2-week, low-cost, no-obligation trial so you can decide if you can commit to our structure and process. And you can read our refund policy here.

ArcVida programs are comprehensive. Many career coaches, counselors, or job-seeker services focus on only one portion of the job cycle: cold applying to online advertisements, writing cover letters, and practicing interviewing. At ArcVida we provide mentorship throughout the entire process. We help you efficiently build relationships with people who can grant you access to great roles, we walk you through a four-step series to identify and find your dream job: discovery, exploration, research, and relationship-building, and we support you through effective interview preparation and support your negotiation of your compensation package.

To put it simply, we help you through the entire career transition process: start to finish.

The cohort leader is your main guide throughout the ArcVida program. The cohort leader will lead your weekly live session and will coach you in your weekly private sessions. All ArcVida cohort leaders go through a rigorous 3-month training and are experienced professionals who are skilled at facilitating group experiences.

The mentors serve as additional resources for you at ArcVida and are available for a monthly private mentor session. All ArcVida mentors go through a 1-month training and are experienced professionals who have navigated their own careers and are happily working in their chosen fields. During your private mentorship sessions, each mentor is poised to help you identify where you're stuck in your career transition and problem solve with you to figure out your next professional move.

No. All ArcVida programs are an expert-led group experience. All cohort leaders and mentors are trained to give career advice and lead groups. The group experience gives you a cohort through which you can share experiences, challenges, and learn from, encourage and support each other.

For professionals, the job search and hiring process is frustrating, inefficient, and slow. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average time-to-hire in non-recession or pandemic times was 22 weeks. To top this off, once many people are hired- they feel unsatisfied and disengaged as many jobs do not leave professionals fulfilled and happy in their roles.

Our innovative process, first developed by founder Anna Hunter in 2012, grant our clients the skills, confidence and freedom to make an effective career transition into a role that is aligned with their needs, wants and values.

Since much of ArcVida’s programing relies on your individual contributions as much as it does our programmatic success, we cannot guarantee results. Our programs run from 10, 12, and 14-weeks and our goal is to support and guide you to identify and make the “right” career transition within this timeline. If you do not make a successful career transition within this time line, we ask you to commit to continue working in our process until you do so.

The fastest we’ve had a client land a role, in the Pivot program, is 6 weeks. If you are VERY open to various opportunities and willing to target roles where you will be a top candidate and able to commit the weekly hours to work in our process, you’ll have results faster than 10- 14 weeks. Conversely if any of these factors don’t apply, your progress will be a bit slower. If you don’t land a role within the core program length, we ask you to continue with our ongoing support until you do.

If you commit to the process and spend 5-10 hours a week doing the recommended reflection, research, writing, and having the recommended conversations, you will get interviews OR otherwise transition to the right work (such as starting their own businesses). Generally, clients start landing interviews once they have completed 30 of the required networking conversations.

During the program, we ask you to meet privately at least monthly with a mentor or coach. During these sessions, your mentor helps you overcome obstacles, refine your techniques, and adjust your approach to achieve the results you want.

Most professionals have done some formal reflective work; this self-awareness experience allows you to work faster in the beginning. For context, during our trial period you’ll complete a foundational reflection with some skill-focused conversations to uncover your professional reputation and where you’ll be a top candidate, if you have already done this- you can spend less than the suggested 5-10 hours a week on this work. After the trial period most of the work you will be doing is focused on structured conversations or interviews – not reflection.

If you need to begin working sooner, before completing the ArcVida program, we recommend that you focus on short-term or temporary work. This will allow you to spend 2-3 hours a day looking for short-term work and 2-3 hours a day focusing on the right longer-term role. 6