Labyrinth Path

You’re on the Labyrinth Path

You know that you want to find a professional job that you love, but you’re not clear on what that might be.

You want a fulfilling, meaningful, professional career. You have skills and some experience volunteering or working in different organizations, and you haven’t found anything that resonates with your disparate interests or varied skills.

  • External pressures to get a job, rather than find a great fit
  • Lots of career advice, much of which is contradictory
  • A strong need for structure and support
  • Demoralizing to make your career transition alone
  • Need to put more time into reflection and self-discovery to get a good fit

How we help:

We provide step-by-step instructions on how to do the deep thinking around personal motivations and skills. And we give specific guidance and detailed scripts to ensure you have productive research conversations that will generate insights and illuminate the right individual direction. Our expert live coaching and 24-7 access to the online community adds encouraging companionship for your journey. Lastly, the self-paced, time-unlimited service model gives you flexibility to spend the energy to get an excellent career fit.

Understand career path archetypes to focus your efforts, ask for the right support and identify gaps where you need expert guidance.

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