Expressway Path

You’re on the Expressway Path

You know exactly the kind of job you want to do and have some ideas about the organization you like.
But you still need help.

For some people the undergraduate or graduate campus recruiting schedule or structure didn’t work, because of family duties or illness or conflicting demands. Others realized what they wanted to do later in life. Some may have taken a sabbatical to travel or care for family. For others, work or life experience have provided direction. You need structure more than you need advice.

  • Not having a strong network
  • Breaking into a field that generally hires employees through a campus recruiting calendar
  • Refining goals to identify precise targets
  • Marketing your story
  • Not understanding where and why you’re a top candidate

How we help:

We help by giving you the tools to craft your individual story and articulate it clearly, build a network customized to your specific career interest, and coach you on how to be invited to apply so you're not competing with hundreds of others.
Accountability to support your focus and negotiation guidance means that you’ll land the right role at the optimal compensation, as efficiently as possible.

Understand career path archetypes to focus your efforts, ask for the right support and identify gaps where you need expert guidance.

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