Bridge Path

You’re on the Bridge Builder Path

You know enough about your interests and career desires to have already decided to go to graduate school.

Likely, you know what kind of graduate degree you want to pursue and may have a small group of target schools. You likely need to do more research into what each school values in applicants. Your time before graduate school is very valuable, and if used wisely can give you a significant advantage when applying.

  • Underestimating the importance of current work, jeopardizing your chances of getting into the school of your choice.
  • Not finding the right work to bridge the time before graduate school
  • Waiting to apply can feel like a waste of time and the work itself feels unfulfilling
  • Wanting to pursue a given graduate degree without understanding what the day-to-day work after graduating is like or what the path after the degree to the desired career will be.

How we help:

By working with ArcVida, you can find and land a job you enjoy doing, where you can earn a fair wage, while helping you stand out as a candidate for your preferred graduate school.

Understand career path archetypes to focus your efforts, ask for the right support and identify gaps where you need expert guidance.

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