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What If You're Last Year's Graduate in This Year's Job Search?

In 2020, your graduation ceremony looked like this: 

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Now your world might look more like this:

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After graduation, you might have...

  • - Had a job offer revoked because of the pandemic
  • - Had time before your student loan payments were due
  • - Moved in with your parents while you figured out what to do next
  • - Weren’t really sure what to do next
  • - Found some kind of work, just to fill your days
  • - Thought about graduate school
  • - Stayed home so you didn't accidentally spread disease to your grandparents

And it’s been a good year – or a bad year. But it’s been almost a year. In a few weeks, the Class of 2021 is graduating. And they are joining the workforce and looking for jobs too. Now, you’re competing with a whole new crop of graduates for the best job after college  While employers and job seekers are feeling much more optimistic about indefinite shelter-in-place restrictions lift and Covid-19 vaccines are widely available, you might be feeling uncertain or even stuck now.   We guide college graduates into great jobs.   And, we’ve surveyed job seekers like you. Our data show that you’ve likely asked your loved ones for advice or cold-applied for a job online. You’ve also dabbled in a few other things – likely you watched videos on networking or responded to a recruiter.

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Your Possible Results So Far

By now, you might not have gotten any real responses or interviewed for a job you could love. You probably (we hope!) have found a way to make cash — working for the local restaurant or store, or maybe telemarketing, tutoring, or buying and selling sneakers. If so, you might have joined a lot of people in being laid off or furloughed. You’re ready to contribute at work and you want to make a difference in the world. You’re motivated to get the right career started. You’re feeling healthy and energetic.

Better Actions, Better Results

So what should you do now? Commence online searches like “Find a great job” or “Career services near me” or even “Can’t find a job”? Set up alerts and then apply randomly to any remotely interesting advertisements on Indeed or Simply Hired? No. We’re biased of course, but we think that there are a lot more interesting ways to waste your time. And none of these actions will move you toward your place in the world. Instead of wasting your time applying or being anxious, we recommend you shift your job search to start with discovering important information first.

Specifically, we think the right place to start is with your own happiness...

  • - What makes you happy? What does a picture of workplace happiness look like for you?
  • - What’s your work style? How do you add value to a team or complete a project with your skills?
  • - What kind of decision-making style has served you well? Or which have guided you toward an environment you hated?

When you start a 2-week trial with us, you'll create a solid base for your search by answering these questions. Then, we recommend using this information about yourself to target only the exact roles that will be fulfilling, allow you to use your hard-earned degree, and give you the daily place and space to have an impact in the world. This is exactly what our clients are doing to find and land their great roles – together. So if you’re actively seeking your place in the professional world, come join us! Schedule a free strategy call to talk through your situation and explore whether our personalized, technology-enabled, career guidance with full support is right for you. Also, congratulations on your graduation!


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Published on 4/14/2021