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How to Land Your Best Role in a Candidate's Market
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It’s a big job market out there. We’ve learned a lot in the last year and a half, and after the pandemic, many sectors are thriving, and many workers have the chance to make a change. It may seem like the world is at your fingertips if you’re ready to make a move. You may be in between jobs or just unhappy in your current position but now is an excellent time to level up or even transition to a new career path… and ArcVida can support you. Here are some questions to ask yourself before you begin your journey.


Am I Happy?  

The easiest way to determine if you’re ready to switch jobs is to find out if you’re unhappy. Not just a bad day or crawling out of bed to work but if the work you’re creating is not truly making you happy. If you’re not doing what you think you should be doing. Plus, if you find that the culture, quality of life and ethics don’t align with what you’re striving for currently, ArcVida can guide you toward fulfillment.  

No matter if you’re fresh out of college, wanting to pivot from your current position or looking to energize your career path after a long journey, when you work with us, you’ll confidently decide what step to take next. 

Can I Communicate my Strengths?  

You need to know how to sell yourself, not just in interviews but you need to tell a compelling story on your social media and in professional conversations. That means setting yourself up for success. In this type of job market, hiring managers are eager to attract terrific candidates and the best way to meet hiring managers is to be introduced.   

Here are a few articles that will guide your thinking as you explore your opportunities.    

Once you’re brought in for screenings and interviews, you can play up those strengths. Make sure you prepare yourself with meeting tips and plan on nailing the interview, finishing with an employment offer. 

How Can I Invest in Myself?   

It may seem like in a job market like this, you’ve got to strike while the iron is hot. And yes, while that is true, this is a change that’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Candidate expectations have changed – it’s not just about making the company profitable with your hire but finding the right balance to make both parties happy. That includes things like flexible work schedules, work-from-home options, partnering with childcare or elder providers…you have the power to make your work experience what you need it to be.  

You can also take the time to invest more into your skills. Take continuing education or additional Google, LinkedIn or computer courses to broaden your knowledge of your given job field. You can also consider volunteering as another way to showcase your experience. Think with a long-term filter about what you want your career to look like, as well as other adjacent avenues you might be interested in. You want to be in a role that allows you to grow in ways you haven’t even thought of yet.  

How Can I Use ArcVida to Find My Best Role?   

ArcVida programs are designed to both guide and support you through reflection, communication, and networking – as you discover, identify, and then land the best fit now for your career trajectory. While jobs are abundant, you shouldn’t be applying to anything that sounds good – you need to be intentional in how you approach companies in your search. Set up a free strategy session to find the best jobs for you and where to actually get started – and no, it’s not the LinkedIn or Indeed search bar. After your initial session, ArcVida can recommend programs that best suit your career goals, and you’ll start efficiently getting to where you would like to be.  


Published on 10/5/2021