What's your career path?

What's Your Career Archetype Now?

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We've seen that individual differences can matter a lot, when you need to make a successful career move.

No matter which path you're on, ArcVida provides you the tools you need to build a lifetime of career success.

Identifying an archetype path is just one way we customize our support to our clients' goals and needs.

We've based these four archetypes on our years of experience working with hundreds of clients who needed help getting their careers on track.



If you're on the expressway path, you have a clear picture of the kind of work you want to do and may have some ideas about the type of company you are looking for, but you have not yet landed the job you want.

  • Breaking into a field that generally hires entry-level employers through a campus recruiting calendar
  • Not having a strong network
  • Refining your goals so that you know exactly what to target
  • Finding a company that values who you are and what you have to offer
  • Structure and a clear, step-by-step process
  • Guidance for building a network customized to your specific career interest
  • Tools for crafting your individual story and articulating it clearly
  • Being invited to apply rather than competing with hundreds of others


If you're on the labyrinth path, you want to find a professional job you love, but you're not clear on what it might be. You want a professional career that will be fulfilling and meaningful, but you haven't yet found something that resonates with your interests and skills.

  • Being overwhelmed, not knowing where to start
  • Being flooded with career advice, much of which is contradictory
  • External pressures to get any job rather than find a great fit
  • Feeling demoralized because you haven't figured this out
  • Structured exercises that allow you to discover what will make you happy
  • Clear guidance on exactly what to do at each stage of the process
  • Tools for building a network of people who will lead you to the right fit
  • A community of people working toward the same goal of career fulfillment
Off Road


If you're beginning an Off Road career, rather than having a career that follows a linear path, you will have many different careers over the course of your lifetime. You tend to be energetic and optimistic and may have several different options to choose from.

  • Being told you need to find "one path"
  • Getting distracted by shiny objects
  • Feeling overwhelmed by choices
  • Fear of boxing yourself into something that feels wrong
  • Guidance for creating your own path rather than choosing one that already exists
  • Structured process that leads you from one step to the next
  • Customized assessment that lets you evaluate options based on what fits with your skills and your style
  • Tools for discovering how you want to grow and which opportunities will lead to exciting possibilities in the future

Bridge Builder

If you're a bridge builder, you know enough about your interests and career desires to have already made a decision to get an advanced degree, one that almost always requires a few years of work after graduating from college. The time between undergraduate and graduate is very valuable, and if used wisely can give you a significant advantage when applying.

  • Impatience to apply right away
  • Insufficient research regarding what your target schools look for
  • Being so focused on future work that you underestimate the importance of current work, which can make you a more attractive candidate
  • Assess your current interests
  • Research what your target schools are looking for
  • Tools for building a network pf people who will lead you to the right fit
  • Find and land work you will enjoy and that will make you stand out from the crowd